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Being that we are a family farm, we do have products for sale at times beyond lumber and hay.  We enjoy using various materials on the farm as inspiration for creating hand made items that can be used or admired for years to come. 

BARN QUILTS:  Hand painted barn quilts are available in virtually any size and design.  Some of our favorites to make include the maple leaf and sunflower but we've even done a christmas tree, coffee cup, and garlic bulb on request.  Classic quilt block patterns can be done as well. 

Made from 1" pine boards, lightly sanded and then painted with 2 coats of high quality paint, finished with an Abbott Lumber brand on the back.  These decorative pieces look great as part of any outdoor decor. 

KIDS TOYS: Our kids have inspired us to try our hand at making a few wooden toys including animals and wooden stackers.  

GRAIN BAG TOTES: Grain bags seem to be one of the biggest sources of waste on the farm, so we try to give them new life in the form of tote bags.  These make the best reusable grocery (or anything!) bags.  We also get bags from friends with farms, so we have a variety of designs available at any given time. 

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